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Bruins finding their stride

Boston Bruins fans would be well advised to start an Aspirin regimen, as risk of cardiac arrest is high.

On Saturday night vs. Ottawa, the Bruins let another lead slip away in the final minute and were forced all the way to a shootout, where they prevailed on Michael Ryder’s snipe in the fourth round. However, turnabout is fair play – in their first meeting with Ottawa Boston scored two 6 on 5 goals in the last 2:30 of regulation; a game the Bruins would eventually win in a shootout. Thump, Thump.

Tim Thomas, making his first start since embarrassing himself against Pittsburgh on Nov. 14th — Pittsburgh tied the game with less than a second remaining in regulation; the Thomas lost control of the puck behind the net in OT leading directly to the winning score – did a serviceable job for 59 minutes, but once again allowed a game-tying goal, this time with 19 seconds remaining. THUMP, THUMP.

I’ll give Timmy the benefit and chalk it up to rust (but in reality it looked more like a lack of focus).

Faced with as much adversity as any team in the league, the Bruins have shown a great deal of resilience.  At current, they have won 5 of their last six games, with their only loss coming in yesterday’s shootout loss to New Jersey. It’s clear that the return of Marc Savard has buoyed the powerplay which connected on Boston’s three regulation goals against Ottawa. With Savard manning the half-wall, the other member of the PP seem more relaxed; able to play to their strengths (although I would like to see someone other than Recchi crash the net on a regular basis).

Their play is deserving of the No. 1 spot in the Northeast division, but that’s only because the Northeast division is weak. Boston must have a more consistent effort if they expect to have any chance to duplicate and/or exceed last year’s success.


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I’ve absolutely had it


OK — I just got back from beating an old trash can with a golf club out in the garage…now it’s time to talk about this “team”

I’m still at a loss for words. The ending to tonight’s game in Pittsburgh was nothing short of PATHETIC. I mean, how hard is it to focus for a fucking MINUTE!?

With a 5-4 lead and less than 5 seconds to go, one would think the game was well in hand, right? Not with this Bruins squad. Big and Bad are Back alright…what a bunch of tools. (My anger and disbelief is having a crippling effect on my ability to form half decent sentences.)

I bet if I tried to give away my remaining tickets to a homeless man, I’d be arrested for cruel and unusual punishment. Why do I watch these assholes?! I must really have a masochistic streak, or perhaps I’m just another idiot taken in by the BROONS…wow…I still can’t fucking believe that happened.

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