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I’ve absolutely had it


OK — I just got back from beating an old trash can with a golf club out in the garage…now it’s time to talk about this “team”

I’m still at a loss for words. The ending to tonight’s game in Pittsburgh was nothing short of PATHETIC. I mean, how hard is it to focus for a fucking MINUTE!?

With a 5-4 lead and less than 5 seconds to go, one would think the game was well in hand, right? Not with this Bruins squad. Big and Bad are Back alright…what a bunch of tools. (My anger and disbelief is having a crippling effect on my ability to form half decent sentences.)

I bet if I tried to give away my remaining tickets to a homeless man, I’d be arrested for cruel and unusual punishment. Why do I watch these assholes?! I must really have a masochistic streak, or perhaps I’m just another idiot taken in by the BROONS…wow…I still can’t fucking believe that happened.


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